Here are some of our favourite projects.

Singularity University case study cover image

Singularity University

Expert Evaluation • Comparative Analysis • Wireframing • UX Design

Singularity University had launched an online learning portal to complement their offline offerings, and engaged with us to help them increase the number of people starting their introductory course and signing up for their course series. We performed an expert evaluation and comparative analysis to identify some areas for improvement, and designed new wireframes for key screens.

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CDRU case study cover image

Child Development Research Unit

Interviews • UX Design • Development • Prototyping • Usability Testing

The Child Development Research Unit (CDRU) is a research laboratory at the University of Guelph that studies developmental issues related to child health. We were hired to help the CDRU researchers design and build a virtual reality (VR) training system to help teach children to cross the street more safely, in a number of realistic suburban environments. This work has been featured in the Toronto Star and City News, and preliminary studies have shown promising results.

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TripSeer case study cover image


User Interviews • Expert Evaluation • UX Design • Wireframes • Prototyping • Usability Testing

TripSeer is a web application offering intelligent trip planning and itinerary management. It allows users to create trips with multiple destinations, and manage accommodations, activities, and travel methods between their destinations. The client approached us because they were concerned that while the application was rich with features, it was too complex for users to manage easily. We worked with TripSeer to redesign the landing page and trip planning flow, and tested the designs with users.

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Epitome of Soul case study cover image

Epitome of Soul

Expert Evaluation • Comparative Analysis • UX Design • Wireframing

Epitome of Soul is an organization that encourages elementary and high school students in the US to achieve academic excellence and cultural growth through the arts. We were engaged to help them improve the UX design of their website, increase sign ups, and better communicate their mission. We provided an expert evaluation and a new landing page design.

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